Monday, December 17, 2001


Well; my philosophy on not trusting doctors is proving to be true. My dad had to get a new doctor; because the office where his old one of many years practiced was shutting down. So, his neurologist prescribed him all of his regular meds until they could find a new doc. Dad has been taking 120 milligrams of Phenobarbital a day for over 36 years. Four small 30 milligram pills ever day. It's never changed. Well; for the last month to two months, dad has been super lethargic, and has been acting wierd... just really slow; and has been slowly losing the capabilities he regained after his stroke. We were very worried about him; and we were almost wondering if he was getting ready to have another stroke. Dad was getting frustrated because we were constantly commenting on it; and making him feel bad (that was not our intent though). Come to find out; the Neurologist prescribed my dad's Pheno at 60 milligram pills and didn't tell my mom. The awesome brainiacs at Walgreene's failed to mention anything to her either; we've been getting his pills there forever. so for the past month-or two dad's been getting a double dose of phenobarbital. Which is a barbituat (sp?) which is like a sedative ultimately. Mom could've killed him. The doctor of course offers no apologies and the incredible mind wonders at Walgreenes give you their trademark blank stare... dad's going in for an m.r.i tommorrow to see if there is any long term damage. Transferring him from his wheelchair to bed is like lifting 180lb sack of potatoes. Say a prayer if you will that there's nothing to worry about.

It just amazes me at the level of selfishness some people live their lives on. It's a sad, sad fact; and what's sadder is when it spills onto other people; and they too become selfish. I tell you this much; my friendships whether they've ended or are still continuing are lessons... even though some are only lessons on how not to raise a son or daughter. My bad for investing waaaaaay too much time in assholes.

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