Friday, August 17, 2001

Um, there's a needle in my nose

Well, I did it; what I've been talking about for months. I paid someone to shove a needle into my nose; and affix a really cute little gem "nose screw" there. I just took two ibuprofen, because as we speek, I can feel my heartbeat in my nose... but I'm really glad I did it, and i like the way it looks. Lori got her nose pierced too, she was soooo freaked out! Bouncing off the walls from adrenaline before she had it done... talking a mile a minute and basically freaking out. My little sister, the girl I pushed into getting her ears pierced at age 17 because she never believed in it... she looks really cute with hers, also; if you see her; tell her she looks really bad ass. She's really self conscious about looking like a ten year old, and part of the reason she got pierced was to look a bit older. (and badass)

I'm off to rent movies; gonna have a movie fest tonight...(haven't done that forever)... check movie reviews on monday; i'm bound to have rented some new releases!

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