Wednesday, August 22, 2001


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there...well I'm in a surprisingly awesome mood... after yesterday's dark tone. (more about that in a moment) I am excited and motivated about something... a certain project I am working on, and I clue you in at a later date.

As for baby news.... On my lunch break I went to the Burien Library and visited an old buddy of mine, we used to work together at the Daycare... (eons ago...) gosh, I've known her for almost...7 years. YIKES! Anyhoo, she is due to have a baby girl on September 19, so I wanted to stop in and say hi. Poor Choni, she is having contractions on and off all day, and has been experiencing them for a week now. Her doctor wants her to hang in for at least a week more, so who know's by this time next week little Pimento Botello could be here!!!

Yesterday was one hell of a day. I had a headache, and was just kinda grumpy. My project had not been going very well and I was losing motivation fast. Then I had to go to work down at Safeco, and damn if I couldn't find a parking spot. There were none to be found, I drove around, all too aware of the time, and finally found a space... (I refuse to pay to park just to go to work). Then the prick at the door to the team store wouldn't let me in, and I had to go all the way around the stadium to the back entrance. By the time I got there,I was soaked. (You would think, being a Seattle native my entire life, that a little rain wouldn't scathe me... but I hate it! It ruins everything!) anyhoo, I missed the elevator and had to pee really bad. There's no rest rooms down on the bottom level, so I had to just wait. 10 minutes later, the elevator finally arrived. I got up to the 300 level, changed and combed my hair. I was 20 minutes late clocking into work; and I was worried about where I left my car. (I wasn't sure if it was a legal space, but there were other cars there, so I took a chance.) My time working went well; and I actually got to meet up with my friends Quyen and Cathy (both of whom are going to Europe at the end of September! I am so envious!!!!) I got off a bit early and was able to visit with them before I went home. The whole day wasn't a total loss, It was just frustrating... oh yeah, and I didn't get towed or a ticket. (God is good.) Keep your fingers crossed that tonight I'll be just as lucky.

Peace Out

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