Thursday, July 12, 2001

OH man, it's Tuesday afternoon; I really wish it was Friday. We are having internet issues here at work; so my updates may not be as fast as I would like; (I wanted to update this yesterday but was unable to get online).

Let's see what's going on in my world? I am going to get a dog. A chihauhau. (Did I spell that right?) I am hoping to get one after the new year; maybe next spring; but it wouldn't be totally unlike me if I decided to just get one next week. :-) (But I am going to try and wait...) I want to decide if I really really want one for the long haul; or just cause their cute. Plus it's gonna be expensive with the shots and getting it fixed and just buying the damn thing... but I'm already thinking of names....

Boys Girls
Fidel Purdita (like in 101 dalmations)
Lamont (this makes me laugh) Fancy

I really like fidel; that and lamont totally make me laugh; but who knows, maybe I'll get the dog and it'll look like a gisele or a victor. ( I like people names)

That's all for now gang; I gotta go get ready for work; am working the all star game tonight. Fun Fun!

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