Monday, July 23, 2001


Wow, what a weekend. I have not had so much fun in a long time. I left work early on Friday, went home and put the finishing touches on packing my car. Kelly and her daughter Kylie (who was 5 months old on Sunday!) pulled up around the same time as Lori, then when Matt came home at 2:30 we all packed up the cars and headed southwest to Copalis Beach (near Ocean Shores). After 4.5 hours (that's right 4.5 hours) we pulled into the Tideland's Resort. Traffic was stop and go from Southcenter Hill to Olympia. I finally relented and allowed Matt to smoke as long as he sat on the window part of the door, so basically his whole self was outside of the car; using the roof of the car like a table top. We got a lot of strange looks but it beat smelling his smoke. :-) We met up with Holly and Jessica at camp and immediately set up camp. We set up my 2-room tent, (I love it) and Jessica's HUGE 10 man tent. We even had a shelter for the picnic table. The first night we drank shots of peppermint schnapps, rum and coke vodka with hawaiian punch. One of us and I won't name names (because they are a bit embarrassed about this) had a bit too much to drink and puked all over the place. We had all brought pillows and air mattresses and blankets; this person not only puked on their pillow; they puked all over someone elses, and on the air mattress and the blankets. I felt so bad; but was laughing my ass off because they had been laying down, asleep when the projectile spewing began. When they sat up one half of their face was covered in hot pink vomit with hot dog chunks; they looked like half person/half beast, and they were mortified. I accompanied them to the bathroom and Lori cleaned up. All the bedding and pillows had to be put outside; luckily we had brought two extra sleeping bags and after everything was cleaned inside the tent they slept on the cold ground using a bag as a pillow. I also felt bad for the other person who had to share the bag as a pillow; because their pillow had been assaulted by the hot pink hot dogs. Of course we were relentless in our teasing for the rest of the weekend, but the "vomiter" took it like a good sport. Ahhh... not like we haven't all been there at one time or another. We ended the night around 2:30am, with lori and I singing dixie chicks songs until we fell asleep.

We started saturday with showers in the DISGUSTING bathrooms, and waited for Heather to arrive. She showed up around 1:00 with her sister Tiffany and her b/f James. We all went into Ocean shores and had lunch, then headed down to the beach. Matt rented a moped while the rest of us wandered up and down the beach checking out surfers. We took turns on the moped before Matt had to take it back, and he got a good laugh out of it; me and lori were absolutely petrified. But it was fun. Sadly, Jess and Holly had to head back to Seattle that night, so the rest of us went back to camp and hung out. We walked down to the beach by our camp site around 7:00 pm because low tide peaked at 8:05; it was a HUGE beach, we could see the water from the highest point at our campsite but it was a good 20 minute walk to get to the waters edge. Plus it was deep sand so it was harder to walk fast. Heather and I along with Matt and James and Tiffany all walked a good mile and a half if not more searching for sand dollars that hadn't been broken by the birds. We all found some, and when we returned to camp we cooked hotdogs and had cocktails. We sat around the campfire and talked for hours; well into the night; about growing up, experiences and life in general. It was at times philosophical and at times comical. Around 1:30 we all were more than ready for bed. Kelly, Lori, Matt and I went to the bathroom to brush our teeth; matt joined us in the girls room; when we emerged the owner of the resort was outside waiting for us; and yelled at us that he was to use the mens room only; what a bitch. It's not 1922 you know; we were in there in the wee hours of the morning brushing our dang teeth; bothering no one, and she totally attacked us. Oh well; we ended the weekend by breaking down camp the next morning un just over an hour and were glad to go home and take a real shower. As Heather so aptly described it; "I feel like I've been rolled in butter". Soap and water here we come!

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