Sunday, April 14, 2013


I turned 36 last week.  I think that 36 can suck a fat one.  Let's just get that out of the way.  I know I'm not 'old'... but fuck all... I am not digging the number 36. 

The day started out just fabulously by me weighing myself (against my better judgment) and seeing that all the weight I lost before Christmas (about 15lbs) had come back.  I kind of thought so... but seeing it on the scale was a not really what I was hoping for.  Time yet again to do something... *sigh* so sick of this battle.

Then I went in to wake up the boys... it was spring break and I had to get them up at 5:35 all week so I could take them to my friend Jennifer's house.  She lives about 30 minutes away... yes, it's a pain to drive all the way over there, but it's cheaper in the long run, and I know they're being cared for by someone who loves them... that makes it worth it.

Anyway, I flipped Nolan's light on and in his sleepy voice he says "Good Morning Momma, Happy Birthday, you're 36 today!"  He didn't even have his eyes open yet.  <3 a="" and="" boy.="" gave="" got="" he="" hug.="" me="" my="" nbsp="" p="" pie.="" sweet="" sweetie="" then="" up="" what="">
We all got out the door and on the road and I'm not sure I've mentioned it before, but where we moved... it's kind of in the sticks.  Like... we live in a suburban neighborhood area of the woods/country.  Neighbors across the street have all sorts of farm animals, two doors down there's an alpaca farm.  Anyway, back to the point of the story... it's crazy dark... no streetlights on long sections of the road to get to the freeway.  We're driving along ... it's my damn birthday and what happens?  I see some kind of beaver sized animal come out of nowhere and I hit it.

I have never hit an animal with my car before.  I was horrified, I was appalled... I totally shrieked, and when the boys asked what happened, I said "I think I hit an animal!" before I could stop myself.  Seth kept repeating "is it dead? is it dead? Momma, is it dead?" and at the same time Nolan's going "what kind of animal was it?"  I thought it looked like a beaver.  We don't have a river near us though... so I don't think it would've been a beaver.  It was dark brown when the headlights hit it... I assume it was a possum or a raccoon... it was low to the ground and fat.  And slow. Because of how it sounded (as though somebody hit the hood with a two by four) Nolan has determined that he thinks it was a turtle.  lol.

Anway, the rest of my day was ok... my lovely coworkers made me feel very loved and special and on your birthday, what more can you ask for?  I had to go to the dentist that afternoon... kind of funny, but I've been in so much stinkin' pain for the past week I didn't even care that the only day they could see me was my birthday.  They ended up referring me to a specialist for a root canal - I get to go in first thing tomorrow morning for it. 

Aaron made me nachos for dinner and a carrot cake for dessert.  Nolan was beyond excited to have a piece of cake and obsessed about it, not wanting to eat his dinner ... he finally got a piece and mid chew turned to me and said "what is in this cake?!  Are there RAISINS in this cake?!"  When I confirmed that yes, carrot cake often has raisins he burst into tears.  He was completely distraught and because we are mean, we thought it was hilarious.  Aaron led them through singing Happy Birthday while Nolan sobbed.  Heh.  He let him have extra ice cream though, so that helped. 

Anyway, long story short, it was a mixed bag, this last birthday.  I was able to pool together my birthday funds as well as sell my Kindle Fire and get myself an ipad mini.  I.LOVE.IT.  Seriously.  LOVE IT.  I love it even more since I got an adorable pink quilted cover for it.  Best birthday present ever. 
Beautiful Flowers from my attorney Sarah.

Since I got home early from my dental appt, I had time to kill before dinner.  I sat in our new recliner (OMG LOVE THAT CHAIR) and surfed on my ipad with my pal Maisie while watching Blades of Glory.

I had *just* asked Nolan not to pick any of the flowers off the one flowering shrub we have out back... I suspect we have many flowers getting ready to blossom, but this one plant is the only one who has blossomed thus far.  Fast forward 10 minutes and Sethy brings me a big handful of them 'for your berfday!'... ah well, he was so proud of himself, how could I be upset?

Aaron's beautiful carrot cake.

Carrote Cake - Raisin gate. 


"I finished my cake can I have another piece?" ... he only eats the icing.


  1. Sarah G.9:31 PM

    Happy birthday Allison! The boys look adorable as always. :) I turned 36 in December and what is freaking me out I am now closer to 40 than to 30! Scary...

  2. Thanks Sarah :) I agree... the view from 36 is freaking me out too!!!

  3. Ok so in that first pic where the cake hadn't been cut, what was Nolan upset about? Or had you already broke the news. Heh. I love it. I could see one of our boys doing this. It will be funny to him someday too. I am totally a mean parent. :) Those boys are so cute, gotta love Sethy and the flowers. ;)

    1. lol I hadn't even noticed that the cake hadn't been cut there... maybe he wasn't upset yet and was just putting his head down to wait for it... he's such a drama queen sometimes, who knows lol.


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