Friday, November 09, 2012

Election stuff.

So yeah.  The election... It started out pretty calm for me, but the week or so before I became very emotionally involved.  I am not even sure why all of a sudden it hit... I can't explain it.  But let me tell you, when it was announced that Obama won a 2nd term I actually cried.  I CRIED.  HAPPY TEARS.  I was so relieved... and happy.  I realize he's not perfect, I realize he's got a lot of work to do... but the fact is, Romney scared me. 

The talk of qualifying rape, the birth control issues... it scared the hell out of me.  Plus he is so out of touch with anyone who isn't making 6 figures a year... I audibly gasped when I saw that Obama won Ohio... then a few minutes later when they announced he had won, I totally screamed.  Nolan had just gone to bed, and came running out wondering what the heck was going on.  Both boys were jumping up and down celebrating... and tears came.  I didn't expect that. 

I've also had my eye on the local races here... Referendum 74... which would legalize gay marriage, the pot initiative, Governor's race (My boss is running... ), and the race for Attorney General... a new boss for me.

I have to say I'm so happy that Referendum 74 passed... but I'm still shocked and ashamed at how narrow the margin was.  WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?  The pot initiative passed with a bigger lead than R74... in fact, 55% approved legalizing marijuane while only 53% approved marriage equality.

I am just kind of bowled over at how willing people are to discriminate.  Shameful. I am so glad it passed, but the numbers speak volumes about what a long way there still is to go for equality across the board.  SHAMEFUL.

Anyhoo.  That's all I have to say about that.  Overall I am pleased that on my 8th wedding anniversary the law was changed to allow marriage for all... what a great gift.

8 years... time flies. <3 br="br">

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