Saturday, September 03, 2011

100 things.

1. I am an Aries.
2. I previously lost 100lbs.
3. Then I had kids and got depressed and gained it all back.
4. I’m currently in the process of trying to lose it again.
5. I am married to Aaron.
6. We met on a blind date.
7. We were married on November 6th, 2004.
8. I chose the 6th because my grandparents were married on the 6th of February and they were married just short of 60 years before my grandma passed away.
9. I refuse to walk barefoot on grass… have YOU ever seen HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS?!
10. There is some NASTAY shizz that lives in the grass.
11. I also won’t sit on it without a blanket.
12. And to be honest, I don’t like that either.
13. Just give me a goddamn camp chair for the love of Christ!
14. I have two boys Nolan and Seth who are the light of my life.
15. They are 14ish months apart.
16. I have been out of the country and visited Canada, Jamaica and Puerta Vallarta.
17. My favorite food is cookies. M&M cookies are currently my poison. (hence my waistline.)
18. My order at starbucks is either a (hot) skinny caramel latte w/ 3 splenda or an iced nonfat caramel macchiato w/ 3 splenda. If I’m being bad, I’ll also get a pumpkin scone.
19. I love makeup. Especially eye shadow.
20. My iphone is my boyfriend.
21. My guilty pleasure shows are Jerseylicious and Sister wives.
22. I have three cats.
23. Benjamin Jose is 15 (16 next August) and is my baby.
24. He has more seniority than my husband.
25. A fact which I remind him (the husband) as needed.
26. Maisie Annabelle is 1, we adopted her last summer from my friend Lori.
27. Henry Curtis (Hank) is also 1, and we also adopted him from my friend Lori.
28. I had another cat named Asa who passed away last August and it still makes me cry when I talk about it. He was a really cool cat.
29. I am a legal assistant at the Attorney General’s office.
30. I love my job.
31. I also am very fortunate to really like my coworkers.
32. My favorite color is pink.
33. I always said I wanted a daughter, but now after having boys… I would love to have another baby boy.
34. But it isn’t to be, as we are done having babies.
35. Unless I can convince my husband to someday adopt.
36. But it’s not looking likely.
37. I think I must’ve lived in New York City in a prior life… I love it there so much, it feels like home to me.
38. Aaron and I spent New Year’s 2003 in NYC, and then went back a year later for our honeymoon.
39. We didn’t see a broadway show either time.
40. I think if we didn’t have kids we would live there. But because we have kids, I want them to grow up near family.
41. But Sethy often will see a picture of NYC and tell me he wants to go there, I tell him someday we will. 
42. My laminated list as of right now consists of: Eminem, Joaquin Phoenix (before the crazy), Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, and Alexander Skaarsgard.
43. One of my other favorite foods is ice cream. Me likey ice cream.
44. I am deathly afraid of bugs.
45. Spiders gross me out so much I get physically ill from seeing them sometimes.
46. I would love to live as much off the grid as possible without actually living off the grid.
47. the whole no hot shower, living as one with nature thing would probably do me in. However, it intrigues me that people do it.
48. Someday I’d love to try gardening and canning.
49. Polygamy fascinates me.
50. Not in the way that I’d like to try it, but the way that it fascinates me that people choose to live that way.
51. I used to hate all things vampire before the Twilight series. Now one of my favorite shows is True Blood.
52. My favorite book series of all time is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.
53. My favorite perfume is Lucky You by LuckyBrand.
54. As I get older, I find that I am turning into my mom.
55. This amuses my sister greatly.
56. I don’t mind it at all, my mom is one of my best friends.
57. we both like to cook, I have begun collecting recipes like she does, I have no patience for commercials, I don’t like to drive at night, I only like pretty shiny happy movies, when I want something, I want it NOW. no, in fact, I want it yesterday. I don’t like strong scents, I don’t enjoy being the center of attention… and I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them right now.
58. I don’t much care for fruit flavored candy, fruit in cookies, fruit in my salad, fruit in ice cream etc.
59. I used to love blueberry yogurt… but I had to take the blue berries out and throw them away because they reminded me both of dead flies and rabbit turds.
60. I loathe, detest, and despise the scent of vanilla. The smell of cat food/dog food ranks up there as well.
61. My favorite clothes come from Old Navy.
62. Though I do buy my nightgowns from Walmart. (WHAT?! they are comfy!)
63. If I could wear flip flops all year long, I would.
64. I love the look of polished toes, but I hate getting pedicures.
65. I am also not a fan of massages… I always feel awkward, like I need to make conversation.
66. I love playing hidden picture games.
67. I love board games as well.
68. I am a bit of a hot head.
69. I don’t typically like people.
70. well, people I don’t know.
71. Except for you, I like you.
72. Oddly enough, all it takes is a nod and a smile and I usually will decide that I like a stranger… but if you commute with me on the train or bus, and I don’t know you… well I probably hate your guts.
73. I can crochet, and like to do so… but cannot knit worth a damn.
74. actually, I can knit… just boring straight lines though, patterns mystify me.
75. I drink a lot of water.
76. like a gallon or more a day.
77. I also chew a pack of gum a day… there have been times though where I’ve gone through upwards of 3 packs in a day.
78. I’ve had my nose and eyebrow pierced before.
79. I’d love to do my nose again.
80. I have two tattoos.
81. I want to get at least one more… and this one I want on my inner forearm.
82. Something girly with stars and swirlies.
83. getting older freaks me out a little bit.
84. I love cherry blossoms.
85. and owls.
86. and retro looking birds.
87. I really want a Scottish fold cat.
88. And I want to name her Clove.
89. Aaron says I’m crazy and we either need a bigger place or to be down a cat.
90. ok so there is only 90 things about me on here.

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