Monday, August 29, 2011

tummeh ache.

I am sitting here with a raging tummy ache... I kind of just want to go to bed (even though it's not even 8pm yet) but it's my tv night and I want to watch True Blood. So I'll wait.

Nolan is up right now... last night we made him go to bed first, as for the past several nights when we put the knuckleheads to bed, shenanigans ensue and someone ends up hurt. Usually Sethy. One night Nolan bit him (not hard enough to leave a mark, but still.) and then the next night he kicked him in the eye. Which is kind of odd considering that they are in bunk beds, it is bedtime, and thus, they should be SLEEPING DAMMIT. This is of course interspersed with various and sundry trips to the bathroom, trips out to the living room to ask us a question ("um, is it...... Tuesday today?"), trips out to the living room to tell on each other ("Nolan called me a baby"). Last night we were DONE. And pulled Seth out and made Nolan go to bed first. I don't envision having to keep doing this too much longer; Nolan starts school on Thursday, he should be good and tired once that begins.

Speaking of which... first grade. Damn. I'm excited for him, as I believe he'll be in with the same teacher as last year, she is moving to first grade with her students. She was awesome and he did so well, I'm just really excited for him to go back. I think he's feeling a bit nervous, as he's been acting out a bit more than usual. Talking back and the like. He did this at the end of the school year, and I didn't really recognize it until weeks after.

L-R Nolan, Seth and my nephew Luke at a birthday party in July.


At Kent Cornucopia Days



Daddy took them on the scrambler

The boys at the Hi-yu Parade

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