Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Favorite Things Day 2

Did you know that I hate musicals as a rule of thumb? There are of course exceptions to this rule... The Sound of Music being one and Greast being another. But typically, not a fan. I didn't expect to like Glee... I certainly didn't expect it to become the highlight of my week. But it is. I love it.
My favorite Glee numbers...

Gwyneth covering Cee-Lo


One Love ♥ I love me some Artie.

Hey Soul Sister



I want to hold your hand... probably my most favorite glee moment... I tear up and get the chills every single time I hear it. Could've been because of the episode subject matter, but man... he nailed it.

Other Glee songs I love but couldn't find videos of:

Funny Girl

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