Friday, December 18, 2009

Before I throw the knitting needles across the room...

Can someone who knits a lot help me out here? I am trying to knit a pair of fingerless mitts... I need something for those cold mornings when I am waiting for the train, but still want to be able to use my phone.


I am following a pattern from a book I've had for a while and the pattern wants me to increase 2 stitches... the actual instructions say this:

'Increase 2 stitches (Inc2) Insert left needle into st below st just created, lift and k into this st, insert right needle into st below next st on the left needle and k this st.'


Since when do you knit using the left needle? and which st is the st below? the one parallel to the floor or the one that is sort of between the needles?

Can someone help me figure this out? It would be much appreciated!

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