Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween...

I'm starting day 3 of solo parenting... actually, day 3.5 if you want to be technical. I was called on Wednesday morning to come pick Seth up from daycare as he was running a temp of 101.8. Awesomeness. Aaron had been home on Monday with Nolan because he had a fever on Sunday. I had the time available, and was able to arrange coverage so I went ahead and picked him up. I ended up staying home Thursday and Friday as well because Aaron's work was crazy busy and he didn't feel comfortable not going in, as they were shorthanded.

Seth's fever finally- FINALLY broke yesterday morning. I haven't medicated him for a fever since Thursday night. Speaking of Thursday night, I took Nolan to children's hospital. That was the day of the disastrous dr. appt for his ADHD. When we got home, I left and met my sister and Ashley for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. When I got home from that around 8:30 Nolan had just gone to bed, I went in to say prayers with him and give him a kiss, and he complained that his tummy hurt.

Now, the last few weeks he has become a master manipulator at bedtime. Trying to distract us with questions, observations, etc when it's time for bed. He has resorted to having to go potty after we've already put him to bed, which enrages Aaron to no end, so my first thought was that he was stalling, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Turns out, he did have a tummy ache. It went from mild complaining, to grunting and not being able to sit still, to writhing and crying, to all out pacing and screaming "Make it stop! Make it stop!" It was about an hour and a half total time while this was going on. I called the consulting nurse hotline for our doctor's office as I went up to the grocery store to get some gas medicine. I wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I figured it was probably gas pains he was having.

The consulting nurse said to take him in, that 15 minutes of stomach pain is when they reccommend the child to be seen, and it had been going on at this point for almost 2 hours. I went home and Aaron had him laying on the couch (which we hadn't been able to get him to do prior to that; I wanted to put a warm compress on his tummy, but he couldn't hold still.) He was pale and silent; almost asleep, though he was sweaty. Aaron said it got really bad while I was gone, he was freaking Aaron out, and he doesn't usually get too rattled. He said his chest hurt and his tummy hurt. But in a flash, it seemed like whatever he was feeling, passed. I made him get up and walk around and he was being his normal funny self, so we figured screw it. Aaron set up the aerobed so I could camp out with Nolan in the front room; and keep an eye on him, and we figured that would be fine.

I called my mom a little while later and while we were on the phone his tummy started hurting again. He started crying and grunting, so we put his shoes on and I got dressed, and off to Children's we went. It was about a 25 minute drive, the first ten he cried and hollered and then he fell asleep. Once we got to Children's, he was totally fine. I still had him checked out, we were there about an hour or so, and they proclaimed it probably just gas. He was totally fine, so they didn't run any tests, he responded favorably to the physical exam... so apparently he just had some kind of indigestion. Next time, they said we could try maalox, and it should help.

Thankfully he was fine, but man it was really scary there for a bit. Today is the third day because Aaron is fixing his car down at my sister's house with my uncle; the heater core or something went out, and seeing as how cold it's starting to get, he needs to get it fixed. But man, I am ITCHING to get out of this house and back to work!

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