Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Few Recent Funnies

Nolan this morning: "wow... look at all the stars."
Me: "I know, aren't they pretty?"
Nolan: "I don't want the stars to fall on us Mommy."
Me: "Don't worry honey, their home is in the sky. They won't fall on us."
(a minute or two passes by as we are driving)
Nolan: "yeah but they're following us."

Seth last night: "iss dark ousside?
Me: "yes, that means it's almost time to go to sleep."
Seth: "I go sleep inna dark?"
Me: "yes, that's right, we sleep in the dark."
Seth: "I no wanna sleep inna dark"
Me: "why not?"
Seth: "Monstas gonna get me"
Me: "no, we don't have any monsters Seth. No monsters will get you buddy."
Seth: "yes will."
Me: "No, honey. No monsters will get you. No monsters at all."
Seth: "ok. I need a kiss onna nose."


The day of the wedding it was virtually impossible to do naptime. The closest we came was putting a movie on and turning the lights off. Cathy and i got ready while the boys laid on the bed. Seth conked out, and Nolan of course fought it with every fiber.


Cathy touching Jessica up before we all got dressed

and again as we went through the whole taking pictures part of the day.

Put that goddamn camera down or I will powder you.


This guy was so handsome, and so tired. Also, the shoes we bought for him the day before didn't fit. So he got to wear lightning Mcqueen sandals. Awesome. Yes, I was THAT mom.

I can see how tired he is in this picture.

I might also mention that during this time, Nolan was completely uncooperative. He wasn't being awful or anything, but was not cooperative at all. He was totally exhausted. Aaron was out driving around letting Seth fall asleep in the backseat, and then he eventually came back and got Nolan too, and drove around for an additional hour hoping Nolan would fall asleep. I believe he finally did, but man he was CRANKY when we woke him up.

Can I have my candy NOW?


My handsome hubby and I



I love this picture.

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