Tuesday, June 09, 2009


It's 10:43 and I have already been to bed, am up again and watching Earl while a very rambunctious 2 year old wanders the living room, asking to watch Ky-woo (Caillou)and sucking his lip.

I don't know what his deal is... the last week or so, we've been putting the boys to bed seperately... Nolan in the boys' room, and Seth in our room in the pack and play. This was because of shitty choices they were making as soon as the door was closed. No matter how much yelling, spanking, taking stuff away, threatening and begging we did, the time between when they went to bed and when they went to sleep was starting to stretch out further and further. I was dealing with cranky little boys in the morning, and listening to them at night was stressing my shit out, and affecting MY sleep.

So we put the kibosh on it, and it's been working pretty dang good. The boys were going down peacefully, we would put Seth in his own bed when we went to sleep and all has been fine. I don't know what little mister's issue is tonight... he went down w/ a bit of a struggle, but it wasn't too bad. I moved him about an hour and a half later and he wasn't really asleep... and it just sort of snowballed from there. He's wide freakin' awake, and was trying to get Nolan's attention. Aaron went in once and diffused the situation (as I was almost asleep) and then about 5 minutes later I could hear him jumping in his bed calling for "No-wan". So I got him up. Screw it.

We're watching My Name is Earl and I figured now is as good a time as any to update the ol' blog.

How about some pictures?

Lori took this a month or so ago. I love their expressions!

Master Luke

Me, how the boys see me a lot of the time :)

Nolan and Luke in the pool at Luke's house

You can't tell here, but his little teeth were just chattering away

Nolan shows off his latest moves from his interpretive dance class

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