Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I was slightly dizzy all day yesterday... the kind of dizzy where I almost feel like I've had a vicodin or something, but not lethargic or woozy. And my face would get barely tingly and kind of numb off and on all day.

It's to a lesser degree today, but still kind of there. In the past 24 hours I have googled the following:

slight dizziness numb face
slight dizziness tingly face
tingly face
kind of dizzy and numb
numb face
numb and tingly face and dizzy
dizzy feeling and tingly face
pins and needles face dizzy
My face feels numb
why am I dizzy

lather, rinse, repeat. I haven't found much that I actually think I have. Some of the answers had to do w/ pregnancy (which I am not, HALLELUJAH.) Some had to do w/ being menopausal... which I am also not (small hallelujah?) and many dealt w/ chronic illnesses or diseases or the treatments thereof, all of which I do not have.

So now I'm kind of thinking possible inner ear infection, though the dizziness is barely noticeable... and really I don't have the other symptoms it listed. Who knows, I will just wait it out and see what's up.

♥ I love this picture

Our niece Seeanna... Aaron's brother's little girl

Aaron's brother Dan, his girlfriend Connie and Seeanna

Ethan our other nephew, and the other birthday boy




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