Thursday, February 05, 2009


We've been busy busy busy as of late; and it looks like it's going to be that way for a bit longer.

Before I forget I want to recommend the blog Want Not ... Mir updates daily, usually several times, with deals across the internet. She describes herself as 'an incurable tightwad' .... which means I can so totally relate. She posted this morning about the Amazon Goldbox Deal today... instead of it being one item, today it is many many many pairs of toddler/kid shoes, all priced at 9.98 and all qualify for the free shipping deal. (I believe you have to spend $25 bucks)... anyhoo. I bought the boys each a pair of cars sandals and a pair of cars tennis shoes... in a size bigger than they are now, so I hope the sandals will fit this summer!

Last night I made shrimp pasta for dinner and Nolan was delighted "I yike dees shrimps." "You put shrimps in here for me?" It's so nice when he actually eats and likes what I make. Seth ate 2 pieces of buttered bread and a banana. *sigh*

I also asked Nolan to eat some noodles and was informed "dose not noobles, dose pasketti." alrighty then. "Eat your pasketti please." he answered "No I eat da shrimps."

Tonight we go over to my mom and dad's after work, Aaron and I have an appt to get our taxes done... I tried doing them on TurboTax but it looks like we would get 1/3 of what we usually get (!) so I made the appointment w/ our tax guru Jane. Even if we still end up getting that same amount (I will sob great big alligator tears) I will at least know for myself that I did it right on Turbo Tax. *sigh*

This weekend we move my mom and dad into my sister's house. I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this... none of which I particularly feel like writing about, which is probably why I haven't been writing much here. Much easier to internalize and stew about it w/o dealing with it. Plus there's nothing my bellyaching will help anyway.

alright, I gotta go get ready for work. 15 mins to do my hair, makeup, and get dressed. I better jam!

Notice how he's laying on towels...
Stomach Flu Revisited

Pukey pukerson

climby climberson


Master Luke
Master Luke Chocolate Face

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