Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seth Funnies

I don't have as many as I do for Nolan, as he isn't as verbal as Nolan, and when he is, we sometimes don't catch it... as we are STILL awaiting our Seth to English dictionary--have to get amazon about that. ;)

Anyway, on the way home from school yesterday it was very quiet in the car and out of nowhere Seth says "I ont suh pissa" (I want some pizza) ... it was so random and out of the blue, he doesn't ever really ask for food, so I thought it was kind of funny.

Last night while I was making dinner, Nolan was with Daddy in the other room and Seth was playing quietly at the kitchen table. He was singing to himself "who onts yu-unch? Me! I yike a yunch." (Who wants lunch, me, I like lunch!) it was cracking me up. Breakfast to him is 'Ceyall' (Cereal) and lunch and dinner are 'yunch'.

He's also embracing his wierdo side... we walked into his class yesterday and he came running over towards us and then decided to run laps around the bookcase. He ran about 3 laps before he finally came over to us... then last night right before dinner, he came running down the hallway and then dropped to the ground and rolled a few times. Totally reminded me of military drills.

He likes to be tickled, and can often be heard saying 'sickle me mom, sickle me.'

If he is feeling affectionate, he will hold his william up to your face and give you a love with it. If he is feeling super affectionate, he will hold william's tag to your lip so you can suck your lip and rub the tag on your face too.

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