Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day = Late Valentine's Day!

Aaron and I have the day off today. This means a few awesome things... one, we get to sleep in. Or rather, Aaron and the boys do (at least until the boys are awake)... I am planning on going to the gym bright and early. Then the boys will go to daycare and I have a hair appt at 9:30. Then it's lunch for Aaron and I (probably taco time) and a movie! We should still be able to get the boys early, so I am not feeling too terribly guilty about that.

Here are some pics I've taken w/ my new iphone in the past week...

Transferring numbers

pretty as a picture benny

self portrait at work

self portrait in the car

Little Julio
Little Julio here wouldn't let us button his Pajama shirt

I do it Mom.

He's figured out how to disrobe
screw it, it's funner to be nekkid!

Mesmerized by Caillou

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