Friday, February 27, 2009

Picture Post (Courtesy of my iphone)

*sigh* He looks like such a big kid here.

My helper boy
My big helper boy wanted to put the juice away for me

My desk at work ... sometimes I think the paperwork will swallow me whole.


Feb. 26th... freak snow storm. It was totally melted and sunny the next day.

I joined the iphone 365 group on flickr, and have started posting a picture a day. This was day 2 I believe.

my view at work
view to the east from my wall of windows behind my desk

another view from my work
view pretty much straight out from the wall of windows

Mr. Grumpy didn't want his picture taken... granted it was 5:30 in the morning

he what's that

ready to go!

I downloaded an app that puts faces on other people's heads... heh, it has been a source of hours of fun for me.

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