Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nolan Funnies

A few funny things Nolan has said in the past couple of days...

"Caillou da barbarian"... when referring to Caillou and the librarian cartoon... heh. Which if you've ever seen Caillou, you know that he's the antithesis of a barbarian.

"no no Seff Aaron Magnet." This amuses me greatly, he will be chastising Seth for something and refer to him as Seff Aaron Magnet instead of Seth Aaron Maverick. I love it!

This afternoon he was looking at a book on the floor by himself (a rare 30 seconds of quiet around these parts!) and got up rather quickly to put it away and said (to noone in particular) "That was a GREAT story." Aaron and I chuckled to ourselves about that.

Last night when I was debating going to the grocery store, and asked Nolan if he wanted to come with me, he said "yeah, I want to take bofe of dese guys." I asked him "you want to take both of what?" and he kept repeating himself and sort of gesturing with his arms for emphasis... though he wasn't really indicating what he mean. we finally figured out he wanted both him and seth to come with me to the grocery store. I told him that I wasn't going to take both of them, but I would take one. He said "You no wanna take bofe of dese guys?" it amuses me greatly to see his grasp of language.

The other night Aaron reprimanded him for something, and a few minutes later Nolan in turn, reprimanded Aaron for something I can't remember what... or if he was just mocking Aaron. But her referred to him as "ok, Daddy Martin!"... heh.

He's obsessed with Caillou right now... which is FINE by me. Seth doesn't much care for it, and will play quietly and unbothered by his mean big brother while Nolan watches... we usually watch it before bedtime. It's a nice quiet cartoon to wind down with. Anyway, I asked him what the kitty cat's name is (it's Gilbert) and he said "it's not kitty cat, it's gewe-bert."

Lastly, he must've picked it up from the episode about Pirates, but he keeps holding stuff up to his eye like a telescope and saying "arrrr matey!" Whether it's an empty milk cup, a glow stick or some other random toy.

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