Friday, February 20, 2009

New School Pictures

So, the Picture People came to the boys' daycare on Tuesday and took photos of all the kids. I didn't have high hopes for good pictures because... well... I just didn't. I had visions of the family portrait session and how Aaron had to restrain Nolan more than once, and how I had to practice severe self control from turning into walmart mom... and well... like I said, I just didn't have high hopes.

We got the proofs yesterday, I am impressed w/ the speed! and ... well, look for yourself.

(btw, these are scans of teeny tiny photos... so the quality is obviously not that great.)

I'm not sure if they told him to act coy or what... also, didn't think the ragamuffin batman shoes would be in the shot.

This shot is amazing... he's engaged, he's smiling... I love it. We will likely be ordering a package of this one.

This is the only single one of Seth we got, and of course he is sucking his damn lip. I guess he freaked out (Strangers w/ cameras = EEEEEVVVVIIIILLLLL!!!!!!!!) and so I'm just surprised that he wasn't fully crying here. The lip sucking means he went to his happy place. I am sure we'll order a package of this, mainly because it's the only single shot of him and it's a true testament to who he is at this age... but I don't like the shadow on the side of his face. I think Nolan must've been sitting right next to him.

and lastly, the big pickle.

boys scan

Aaron likes it because it totally shows what was going on that day, and how they both act... seth in his happy place with his william and nolan just being nolan.

I don't like it, I have enough pictures of them doing stuff like that... eh.

on that note, I have ten minutes to get dressed and put my face on so I better hop to it.

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