Friday, February 06, 2009


I am in a funk. I have a borderline bad attitude. Not totally bad, just sort of bad. Reasons being are:

*Tired of being fat.
*Tired of my own excuses why I am still fat.
*Stomach hurts.
*We are helping my parents move tommorrow. I am not bummed about that in itself, more about the situation at large, and the fact that it is change beyond our control. Makes my anxiety meter tick.
*I will have 3 houseguests this weekend. I am not funked out because of the houseguests, but because my house is a friggin disaster and I am not prepared. I will be cleaning under their feet, which is fine, but it stresses me out.
*We had our tax appt and though we are getting a refund, it's less than half of what we thought we were going to get. So some readjusting is being done in my head and it is stressing me out a bit.
*we want to move. badly. We want a house. This would necessitate us to finish the kitchen (painting and putting up cupboards)... as well as doing a plethora of other things to make it ready to sell. We are lazy. and busy. and tired. This is going to be a big project. I told Aaron I didn't even want to talk about it until we finish the kitchen. But I have secretly been looking at listings and am amazed at some of the prices. *sigh*
*my car is still broken. This is not because we are lazy, but actually, because we are busy and have not had the time to remedy the situation.
*I'm bloated.

I suppose I should counter the neg w/ the pos...
*I started the couch to 5k plan (again) yesterday.
*I have made it to the gym 4 days in a row (including today)
*we are getting a refund instead of having to pay.
*my kids are healthy.
*my family is healthy.
*we still have our jobs.
and most importantly,
*a new baby will be arriving towards the end of summer. (No not me, thankyajesus!)... My sister is pregnant and though we don't know her due date yet; we are thinking end of August/Early Sept. She is thinking boy, I probably agree... though I want to say girl :) Ultimately, I am just excited to get a baby fix w/out having to have one myself!

Here brudder I help you

They love that car

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