Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is my Friday.

I have to go to court tommorrow for a ticket I got back in September. I was nabbed for expired tabs and using my cellphone. I could have been nabbed for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt ... but the cop didn't notice the seatbelt, and didn't cite me for the speeding. It was a $250 ticket, I signed up for the defensive driving class my city offers, in an effort to expunge the ticket from my record. I took the class, paid the $100 fee and now find out that I still have to appear for the cell phone usage. And possibly pay the $150 buck difference.


I really really hope they take pity on me, we cannot afford $150 bucks at this point in time. But I will suck it up and pay if they tell me I have to. I am hoping the judge will see that I took the class, and see that I have a pretty good record, and let me go. But I kind of doubt it.

Also, we are thinking of using turbo tax this year for our taxes... we usually use H&R Block... have any of you used Turbo Tax? Love it? Hate it? Please let me know what you think.

Aaron plays santa
Aaron plays santa

Mama! Chock-oh-lott!

daddy, seth, and a NEW william!
Santa brought Sethy a NEW William (we now have 3... a ratty ass one, a less ratty one, and a pristine clean one)... he promptly dropped his ratty one, and held the new one with the tag up to his lip. Quality control at it's finest. It looks like it passed muster!

first movie in a movie theater!
The week after Christmas we took the boys to their first movie in a theater. We went to see Madagascar 2, and it was a hit! Well, Nolan thought so. Seth was too busy running circles in the open area directly in front of our seats. I was busy laughing at Seth and Aaron was busy having a big giant cow about Seth running in circles in front of our seats. He later took him out to the lobby.

Knuckleheads part 6

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