Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Suckage.

So yeah. I drove home from work on Monday night; or rather, I drove home from the train station in Tukwila. I was on the hill leading up to our neighborhood, stopped at a light when I noticed a lot of smoke around my car. Cars were surrounding me though; so I wasn't sure if it was my car or theirs. I continued on my way and about 3 blocks from home it became increasingly apparent that the smoke was coming from my car... as it was now billowing out from under the hood.


At this time I also noticed that there was no heat coming out of the vents even though it was on, and the heat gauge was unaffected... still pointing in the low-normal range.

I got myself home and honked the horn as I pulled into the carport. I quickly shut down the car and started gathering my stuff... I looked up and could see the boys in the window waving at me... I had no idea why it was smoking, but I worried for a second that it would blow up and A. kill me. B. kill me and my babies who were standing in the window a mere 20 feet away. or C. that I was over reacting. It was smoking under the hood... the gas tank is in the rear. Right?

Anyway, Aaron got downstairs pretty quick, and seemed notably alarmed that the carport was now filled with smoke. He deduced that I probably either blew the head gasket or the head. (don't ask me, just regurgitating what I was told.) Bottom line: me no drivey.

This has thrown a bit of a wrench into our lives as Aaron gets to work at the buttcrack of dawn, and the boys' daycare opens at the buttcrack of dawn - thirty. Initially we were going to get up, get ready, get the boys up and be out the door by 5:30a.m. I would then drop Aaron off at work in downtown seattle (about 20 miles away), drive back up to Seatac to take the boys to daycare (about 20 miles as well) then turn around, drive back to seattle and drop the car off at Aaron's work (ANOTHER 20 miles) and hop a bus to work. 60 miles and 3 destinations before 7 am... obviously that doesn't seem to be efficient. So for now, he is going in a half hour late, I am coming in an hour early and we are making one vehicle work.

He thinks if he can get the hoses he ordered for his Jeep installed, that he can drive the jeep and I can drive the honda. This scares me. That Jeep is not high on my list of things I can count on. He will probably read this and shake his head and tell me I need to trust him... but it's not him I don't trust. It's that godforsaken Jeep.

I am not shitting you when I say that if that happens I will be buying a membership to triple A. For serious... we should probably have it anyway, but I am having NIGHTMARISH visions of him and the kids breaking down in that thing on the side of the road.

Anyhoo... how about more pictures.

totally pissed
and .... he's done.


NOT amused

...and he's done.

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