Friday, January 30, 2009

Mama So Seepy

So yeah. My butt is DRAGGING today. I am drinking the first of what will inevitably be many caffeinated energized drinks today.

Our power went out last night around 11pm. In fact, at 11pm on the dot. We had gotten a notice earlier in the week saying that we would lose power from 11pm until approximately 6am, and I had thought the date was for tonight, not last night. I realized my miscalculation yesterday. So we dealt with it... er rather, I dealt with it.

Aaron sleeps like a damn rock... so much so he doesn't remember our little spat at 2am last night when shoved him and told him to ROLL YOUR ASS OVER PLEASE. He took offense to my tone, and then REALLY took offense when I poked his shoulder hard and said THIS SHOULDER should be facing THAT WALL. He respondend by calling me grumpy and getting a pissy attitude.

I respondend by saying "Well I've only asked you to roll over like 29 fucking times, and every time you say ok and then don't do it, and end up SNORING IN MY DAMN FACE." He huffily rolled over and I finally fell back to sleep. I was up and down from the time the power went out to check on the boys. I don't like not being able to hear them, and since the monitor wasn't working I was a nervous nellie.

Luckily, Aaron had charged his ipod and gotten his battery operated speakers down and ready, so when the power went off, I went in their room and set it up. Seth was up and crying, but fell back asleep pretty quick.

I got up 3 more times between 11 and 3 (when the power finally came back on) to pee, check on the boys, and make sure they were covered up... the temp dropped to like 64 degrees ... which felt like 44. (We usually keep the heat set to 70 at night.)

So yeah. Miso Tired.

watching caillou

watching caillou

Tracing his hand
tracing his hand

Daddy's boy
I love that face

Someone needed a haircut...


Aaron's sleepy time friend
Nolan occasionally lends out bedtime bear to daddy when daddy can't sleep.

Seth loves his uncle Gary

Uncle Gary let the boys aide him
Helping Uncle Gary blow out the few candles on his cake. There should have been a bazillion... er 57 ... holy crap... 57?!

He loves his uncle gary

Seth and Uncle Gary

Peekaboo Mom!

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