Monday, January 19, 2009

Just what I needed

It's been a long morning. Aaron woke me up at 5:45 to let me know that I needed to take him to work, as the jeep was not starting ... so I jumped up, got dressed, helped him get the boys dressed and out the door and he warned me that it was very icy out.

Boy he wasn't kidding. Nolan held my hand as we went down the stairs, and I think we got two steps off of the curb when it happened. I bit it. HARD. Fell right town on the tuckus, dragging Nolan with me. Boy was that a hoot. I couldn't get up right away as it was so icy I kept slipping. Nolan was kind of freaked out, and Aaron was trying to corral Seth. Then Nolan fell, and slid partway under the back of the car. If he wasn't upset already, well... he was bordering on hysterics. I finally hoist my big behind off the ground and tell Nolan we are going to take baby steps, and I showed him and bam. He was down again and his legs were under the car again. As I was getting him up, Seth did the exact same thing... it was a true comedy of errors.

Luckily it didn't hurt that bad, it was just kind of frustrating. We drove down to Aaron's work... which was not that great. Aaron was very stressed and tense and traffic was kind of rough. We dropped him off and I took the boys to daycare... Nolan started crying halfway there about how he wanted to go home. We got there and it escalated into full on meltdown status. I sat with him for about a half hour until he was ok with me leaving.

I then drove to the dentist's office, sat for an hour waiting for the nitrous and novacaine to take effect, which they never really did. So they sent me home, I will now have to take valium before I come back for my filling. Awesome.

So here I sit, watching season 2 of Friends, with my right side of my face all numb and tingly. I'm tired, in need of a shower, and my feet are cold. I ran across this lol cat and laughed out loud for a good long time. It was just what I needed.

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