Monday, December 15, 2008

Conversations with Nolan

Sunday morning, upon waking up and seeing the snow outside.
Nolan: Oh my God! Dat's allotta snow!
Me: I know, isn't it pretty?
Nolan: Santa Claus bring da snow?
Me: Maybe
Nolan: Yeah, Santa Clas bring da snow for da crinkcras! (crinkcras=Christmas)

Saturday afternoon at Aaron's sister's house, Aaron took him to go potty and Nolan was VERY interested in the blue sanitizing disc that was in her toilet
Nolan: what's dat? (as he reaches towards the toilet bowl) dat a candy?
Aaron: NO, that's NOT a candy, don't touch it! It's ca-ca.
Nolan: (starts to pee and pees on the blue disc) I go pee on da candy.

Friday afternoon in the car on the way home, we pull up next to a semi while we wait for the green light.
Nolan: Mom! Dat truck go like a mack!
Me: Yeah, it does look like Mack doesn't it?
Nolan: Yeah. No hit the mack mom. You don't hit the mack.
Me: No, I won't hit him.
Nolan: Yeah, you just race him. Ok?

I love that boy :)

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