Tuesday, December 09, 2008

7 things

7 things I can do...
1- crochet
2- run a mile (albeit slowly)
3- sing all the words to ice ice baby
4- look at any hotwheel display and tell you if we have that car or not (we should own stock in hotwheels.)
5- count to ten in french and spanish
6- edit photos in photoshop
7- kill the song 'fancy' at Karaoke

7 things I can't do...
1- Make curry at the desired consistency (super runny)
2- knit a sweater (I suck at patterns)
3- say no to m&ms
4- wait to go back to NYC.
5- figure out soduku
6- like the taste of dark chocolate, and I've tried!
7- play the piano

7 things I always say...
2- "Awesome."
3- "Can I bite you? You are so bitable."
4- "Ok, let's clean up for dinner!"
5- "Let's go, quick like a bunny!" (to which Nolan usually replies "HITTITY HOT!)
6- "come here my cheeky boy"
7- "who loves mama?"

7 things I always eat...
1- go lean cereal
2- gum (technically I don't eat it, but I chew a pack a day or more.)
3- caramel rice cakes from Safeway
4- salad
5- yogurt
6- broccoli
7- hard candies

7 things you know about me
1- I am married.
2- I have two boys.
3- I have two cats.
4- I like to cook.
5- I am a big time NKOTB fan.
6- I am obsessed with Twilight.
7- I am a legal assistant.

7 things you probably don't know about me.
1- I struggle with leaving this blog public on a daily basis. I often come THISCLOSE to password protecting it, but in the end... I choose not to. For one, I often want it private so I can talk about work... but I won't do it even then because of the nature of my job. Also, I would vent about personal things... but I'm trying to be better than that. Though sometimes it is terribly tempting.
2- I bite my fingernails.
3- I am loving skinny caramel latte's right now.
4- I am a good 20lbs heavier than wedding weight. and a good 40lbs heavier than my lowest weight ever. Awesomeness.
5- I take an anti depressant.
6- I think about having another baby every single day. Sometimes I want to, and sometimes I don't.
7- I hate massages and pedicures. for real.

7 things I did this weekend:
1- Laundry. Lots of it.
2- Shopped at Target.
3- Worked out. TWICE.
4- Watched Surviving Christmas, Just Friends, and Sweet Home Alabama.
5- Ate too many cookies.
6- cleaned the bedroom.
7- updated my blog!

7 things I would do if money were no object:
1- Buy my parents a home.
2- Buy myself a home. (With a yard!)
3- Buy Aaron a few cars to work on.
4- Go on extended leave to Europe and visit anywhere and everywhere.
5- Take my kids to Disneyland.
6- Pay off my sister's house.
7- go back and get my bachelor's degree in criminal law.

7 things I am wishing for this Christmas:
1- A couple different movies.
2- New jammies.
3- Immersion Blender
4- some books
5- picture frames
6- workout clothes
7- scene it - friends edition

A few weeks ago at the park


He was all excited about climbing that, even though it gave me a damn heart attack. When he got to that height though he promptly freaked out.


poor kid and his home haircuts. I should add that I gave him another one this weekend and I did much better this time.



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