Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tired. and Cranky. and Tired.

(written on Saturday)

Have I mentioned that I'm tired? I have a cold (not a bad one, but a cold nonetheless) and it's 6:37 in the freakin' MORNING and I've been up for almost an hour. NOT by choice. Nolan and Seth were up around 5:15... and at 5:45 Nolan hollered that he needed to pee. So I am up. I was so not ready to be up. *sigh*

So we are watching cars, playing with cars, and I am hoping to get somewhat caught up on this blog while I intermittently nod off and referee the littles from killing each other. I was hoping to go to the gym today, as well as grocery shop and hit costco... and we may end up at my sister's later this evening. It's gonna be a long day.

Here are some pictures of the weekend before halloween. I made cookies with black sprinkles and we had Julia and Heather come over, it was fun!

black sprinkles = black lips

cookie face

Seth and I


he totally has a john waters stache here
Nolan tries out the John Waters Mustache look.

big loves

mama and babies

yup, still there!
Nolan shows off his buzz lightyear undies


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