Saturday, November 15, 2008


Man. It's been a long weekend. The boys were not feeling well Friday night, and I came down with a sore throat/headache/cough on Saturday... Nolan refused lunch then about an hour into naptime (when Seth FINALLY fell asleep) I heard Nolan crying. He had a tummy ache. The next two hours he moaned and cried and whined and writhed... I put a call into the pediatrician's nurse line and they reccomended that we take him in if it didn't get better soon. I had given him some tylenol and that seemed to take the edge off but didn't take care of it completely. I called Urgent Care to see if they thought I should bring him in or if I should just take him to an ER... we decided to take him to the ER, got him dressed and got ourselves ready.

By the time we got out to the car he was fine. No crying, no fussing. We stopped at Fred Meyer to return a movie to the Redbox movie thing, and I picked up some Mylecon... as Aaron reasoned that if it was just gas, there was no reason to go all the way to Children's. (about an hour away)... it was 4pm, and I gave him a dose and we decided to stop for a bite to eat since he was ok. Neither he or Seth wanted to eat (we stopped at Mcdonald's) we bought them happy meals anyway so they could get the Madagascar toys (Nolan perked up enough to say "I want Marty!" So Marty he got. He drank his milk and played with Seth at the table... by the time we left he was considerably better. It was really weird how much he improved. We took a drive through Auburn and the south part of King county and Nolan crashed. He was completely out. We got home around 5:30 and he wanted to go to bed. So we put him down, and fed and bathed Seth.

Around 8 I took Seth in to go to sleep and as soon as I turned on the rainforest cd Nolan popped up and said "I wanna get up!" So I put Seth down and got Nolan up. He ate some yogurt and stole some of my tortilla chips. He played and watched tv. At 9 he had to go pee, so Aaron was helping him in the bathroom and Seth started yelling from the bedroom "Nowan! Nowan!" So I said screw it, and got him up too. We watched Ice Age and hung out. Aaron went to bed around 10:15 and I put the kids to bed at 11.

They slept in until 8 and were UBER whiny today, but seem to be feeling better so thank goodness for that. They are napping now and I am nursing a terrible headache and watching last night's SNL. I also have a sink full of disinfected bath toys... as Seth um... apparently enjoys using the tub as a toilet. I think he scarred Aaron for life. heh.

Hope you're not sick of halloween pictures yet!








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