Friday, November 07, 2008

Grossness... you've been warned.

So let's talk about potty training. Specifically... #2. Those of you who don't wish to read about Nolan and #2 may scroll down to the pictures now if you wish... I don't blame you. I hate poop talk myself.

However, I am at a loss. Little mister started wearing undies 2 weeks ago and has done AMAZING! He was peeing on the potty on his own by day 3... the only time he asks for assistance now is if he's in jammies or other clothing that is super restrictive or if he needs to pee in the middle of the night, as he's still in a crib. (That's a whole other post I'm cooking up in my head right now).

When it comes to peeing he is pretty dang good... I still remind him sometimes, but he's only woken up once in the last two weeks wet in his diaper (we have been using diapers at night just in case he pees), and hasn't had any pee accidents since the first or second day. His teacher told me he doesn't pee in his diaper at naptime either.

This reinforces the fact that we waited so long and that it was right for us. There were many times I felt like a lazy parent (let's face it, I am in some aspects) and felt inadequate and that I might be holding him back... but the few times prior to the past two weeks when we've tried to put him in underwear he would pee and then freak out... I wasn't sure he was ready and felt more comfortable waiting for him to show me he was ready. The fact that he's taken to it makes me feel validated in this respect.

However.... he is not coping well with pooping. In his diaper, in his underwear... he freaks out a bit, wants to be changed IMMEDIATELY and seems stressed out when he tries to go poop on the potty. I don't want to lay the pressure on and freak him out even more, but come on. I know it sometimes takes longer to get ahold of the sensation w/ going #2 than just peeing... but it's getting to be a health issue I fear.

He is holding his bowels for 3-4 days at a time, resulting in a massive ... event and mess. He has some special cars that he will get if he goes #2 in the potty, but it isn't helping yet. I am not sure how to handle this... any advice would be WONDERFUL! Today my poor boy had a tummy ache and was all out of sorts as a result of this behavior. I am going to pick up some prune juice and try to keep things moving... but I am at a loss otherwise.

anyhoo, on that note, how about some pics?

Making his point known


Lucas and his daddy.

no easy feat


holy crap!



He went down the slide all by himself and was so proud

Mr. Bigshot

tho perty
My sissy


angry baby
Seth was about done here

Charming, no?
once again, it went way better in my head

Me with my angels. *cough* devils *cough*


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