Monday, October 20, 2008

Unexpected Sick Day

So yeah... looks like we will be staying home today. *sigh* and it's a good hair day too. We have appointments with the kids' ear doc this afternoon to check up on their tubes etc, and I was planning on asking if they could check Nolan out in general anyway, as yesterday his eyes were kind of goopy and it seems as though he and Seth have had a cold for over a month now. (Seth's had one round of antibiotics thus far) ... so when I got the kids up this morning, all seemed well, but right away Nolan started crying and complaining his tummy hurt. Then his pee pee hurt. Then his tummy hurt. It looks like he's got a lower tummy ache... no fever, but I couldn't even get him dressed because he was crying and freaking out. So he's laying in his bed, and Seth and I are hanging out in the living room watching the remake of Yours, Mine, and Ours.

Looks like I will be putting a call into the pede this morning and seeing if I can get them in before lunch. *sigh*




Mr. Smooshy face

You talkin to me PUNK?


So hard to be 2



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