Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sugar Free Rockstar Tastes Like Ass.

Super carbonated, high fructose tooth tingling ass that is. Yuck. Why am I drinking it again? Oh, because I don't want to waste $2. *sigh*

Something I've noticed recently is that despite their similar stats at the same age, Nolan fit his clothes a hell of a lot better than Seth does. I don't know what it is, but Seth is just my little peanut. Perhaps he has more muscle mass... I don't know. The pants that Nolan wore before he turned two fall off of Sethy's little tush. Shirts that Nolan was wearing before his second birthday seem to just drape on Seth... they are about the same height and weight at that age, but it's kind of amazing how differently they carry it. Tonight I have a date with a needle and thread and a good 4 or 5 pairs of pants that need to be taken in about an inch before Seth can wear them. crazy.

Ps. Nolan wore his first pair of size 4 pants this weekend... they were a touch big, but he looked so grown up in big boy jeans :)

More fun with hats:




New jammies! I am a sucker for polar bears and penguins... Nolan was the recipient of my love for these things. They are sooo soft too.

new jammies!
Sethy is in a pair of his jammies he got for his birthday, I love blue and brown on him.

acey boy
Asa prefers to observe the chaos from afar

ho hum
He's so sweet, I love this picture of him

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