Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Yeah

I don't watch a whole lot of television... at least not new stuff. I watch A LOT of Dora the Explorer and The Backyardigans, CARS, Sesame Street, and the like. We also watch reruns of 'Doug' (King of Queens) and John and Kate Plus 8 (which Nolan has renamed 'my friends' ... "Wanna watch my friends!") But the only new shoes I really watch are Heroes, Law and Order SVU, ER, and Saturday Night Live. I think my tv watching load is about to become a bit lighter though. WTF is up with Heroes? I don't like horror flicks and it's becoming more and more horror flickish... gruesome, scary and just... icky. I can't take much more.

I'd like to find a new sitcom to watch, as I haven't watched a sitcom since Friends went off the air.

faster daddy!

my little hayseed

tractor races

what to do next?

zoom zoom

the look on Lukey's face here is just so sweet.

Utter joy
I just love the look on Nolan's face here


limp noodle
Seth was in noodle mode


Mr. Fearless decided he needed a closer look

climby climberson


he came in for a closer look

Reach out a hand

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