Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Current Events

So, let's see... what else has been going on... Laurie and Seth just bought their first home. Sadly, it's in Tacoma, but from our house it's not too far. Maybe 25 minutes or so. We spent Saturday afternoon there for a housewarming barbecue. They made yummy hamburgers and chicken on the grill, and mom and Karen brought salads. My contribution was a red velvet cake.

The boys (minus Seth - he wasn't feeling so well, so he clung to me or Aaron the whole time) had a BLAST running up and down their hallway while pushing cars. Lucas idolizes Nolan and Nolan seems to get a kick out of playing with Luke. I'll post pics of that later on, when I cycle through the bday party pics.

Seth was getting sick over the weekend, and Saturday it seemed to come to a head. He was such a turd all morning... provoking Nolan and then screaming when Nolan retaliated, not listening, crying... ZOMG the crying. More like whining actually, but it was about to send me over the fucking edge. By the evening his breathing was kind of shallow and he had the wheezy sounding breaths as well. He's been getting breathing treatments ever since and seems to be doing better.

Little smarty has decided he can hold the mask to his face by his own self... which is kind of heart breaking when you see this little guy holding a breathing mask and watching the wiggles at the same time. Aaron got a video of him holding it by himself yesterday and as soon as he saw the camera he said "Cheese". I could just pinch him.

More birthday pics:

Uncle Seth hangs with Liam and heather.

Jessica, Andrew (My godson), Amanda and Laurie. Andrew just turned 11... 11! Holy crap!

Sweet baby Jason


Jen and Holly
Jen and Holly... I've known these girls since I was 17.

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