Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bullet undodged.

er... rather, I got double the fun in the nasty department when it comes to potty training and laundry. Ew. ew. ew.

on a nicer topic, I forgot to post our menu for the week on Monday, so here it is (2 days late)

Mon- grilled chicken, stuffing (for kids) red potatoes (for aaron), veggie and fruit.
Tues- Cheeseburger Rice, green beans, bread and fruit
Wed- Parmesan crusted porkchops, pesto noodles, veggie and fruit
Thurs- Teriyaki Chicken, rice, rolls, veggie, fruit
Fri- Pizza! (and fruit)

I always offer a veggie and a fruit and almost always a bread of some sort... that way if the kids won't eat the main course, at least sometimes nolan will eat the veggie and the bread, and seth will eat the fruit and the bread.

his cheese face
"all deez punkins is mine."

smile luke!
uncle Aaron and Luke

uncle and nephew

no, MY daddy!
Seth was NOT happy that daddy was holding Luke

Mr. Popular strikes again
So daddy compromised



mid jump


cheeky boy

good sport

He loved the mini tractors

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