Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Meme

Stolen from Tib's blog ... Ten things I remember from growing up...

Solid Gold ... I have vague early memories watching this ... I believe it was on Sundays right?

Beverly Hills Teens (the cartoon series)

Esprit bags. All the cool kids had them in 5th through probably 8th grade.

Get in Shape Girl ... I had one set, and still have the vhs tape from it somewhere... yikes.

Fashion Plates... my sister and I had a few different sets (this set, a bridal set, and then an updated Nineties version) we would spend hours playing with these and making catalogs.

Rainbow Brite... I don't recall if I ever actually had the doll, but I wanted one. I did have a sprite though and I had some kick ass Rainbow Brite sheets.

Sea Wees... omg I loved these.

*sigh* my much sought after Snoopy Snow Cone machine. I have always wanted one of these, but never had it.

awww... I still have a soft spot for my little pony

Clue... the only person I knew with this game was my Grandma and we got to play it at her house every once in a while. (It was not a favorite for everyone)... I still love that game.

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