Thursday, September 04, 2008

So Yeah...

First of all, the item that didn't belong from a few days ago, was indeed the John Mccain item. I don't have anything against Mr. Mccain so to speak... but I am not feeling inspired by him. I honestly have not been following much of the election this time around. Perhaps it is because the last few elections left me feeling completely deflated and hopeless... perhaps I have less free time now (ya think?) to obsess over it, or perhaps I have moved on and realized that while it's good to have an opinion, I probably shouldn't treat it as though it's my oxygen. If that even makes sense. I am tired. blah.

If you recall, I got kind of worked up last time around... I am just not that into the election this time. I fully support Mr. Obama, though if by chance John Mccain gets elected... well, eh. I don't really care. ANYONE is better than the ignorant A-hole we have in office right now.

Though I gotta say... I thought Mccain's choice of running mates was really odd. As
Jane pointed out yesterday, (I think it was yesterday) Sarah Palin's personal life seems to be somewhat in chaos... I don't know what effect that has on her ability to help run the country. I don't personally care that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant... I guess they are at least with the times. I don't care that she went back to work only a few days after having her baby... I just wonder (and this is my personal opinion obviously) what Mccain was thinking. I would think you'd kind of want to fly under the radar w/ your vp pick and not pick someone who so clearly has a full plate when it comes to their family, and not so much experience in the political arena. But then I think she was an interesting choice in general, he's obviously trying to appeal to the womens and such.

I don't know. It's just very interesting to read about her and what's going on in her life... and to think about the changes her family is about to undergo if he gets elected. But I'm rambling. And I need to get going, so take it for what it's worth. (not a whole lot!)

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