Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sippy or Missile...

No more water at bedtime. *sigh* Sunday night, after the boys went to bed... correction; AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES after the boys went to bed, they were still up. Aaron and I had both gone in to lay the smack down (read: Yell "IT'S NIGHT-NIGHT TIME, NOW LAY DOWN, AND LET'S GO TO SLEEP!) ... when all of a sudden the giggling and bouncing sounds stopped (they were jumping in their cribs)... and a scary scream erupted from Seth. I went running, and Aaron was right behind me. It was that intense, scary scream where you KNOW something is wrong. He was in a ball at the foot of his bed and was holding his forehead. I got him up and comforted him, no blood, no broken skin... couldn't tell what the problem was. Aaron changed Nolan's diaper and I kept Seth up w/ me for a while. I wanted to seperate them, plus make sure seth was truly ok. He has a curved mark on his forehead... a purplish one, a dent so to speak. We think Nolan threw his sippy at Seth and he got a bullseye ... they'd thrown everything else out of their beds as well... nothing was in Seth's bed. Poor kiddo, this is prime reason numero one why Nolan is still in a crib. While they are sharing a room, there is NO WAY I could trust him to not be confined.

So no more sippies at bed time. Sucks for them, but that was scary... poor Sethy.

Here are some pictures from the 4th of July (all taken by Lori)

we spent it over at Lori and Seth's.



knock knock...




that's my pretty face


master chef

Luke and Uncle Aaron read a book together

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