Thursday, July 10, 2008

Present Gluttony

He got some really neat stuff...

presents galore
checking out his super cool lightning mcqueen bedding from Nana and Papa

I loved loved LOVED this wrapping paper.

ah-poo ah-poo (seth's version of 'help you' as nolan always says when he needs help) He wanted to open that car

what's in here?
Hello there. thy name is hunchback. gah.

see that truck on the bottom of the pic? That's Mack the semi truck from the CARS movie... Nolan was OBSESSED with this toy. I knew he would like it, but didn't realize how much... every gift after that was opened while he either clutched mack or set it down right next to him... and he would ask about every 30 seconds "open yater?" to which I would reply "yes buddy, we'll open it later".

still clutching him

birthday boy
holding on for dear life

the 'hairball' from auntie holly... I dubbed it a 'tumorball'... GRODY!

clutching mack
still has mack

opening stuff
much of the present opening looked like this

Not sure what Aidan was telling Nolan here

earl shirts
some of the 'earl' shirts we made him

earl shirt
"Earl is my Homeboy"

inspecting mack

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