Monday, June 16, 2008


It's Friday night, though this'll probably be posted Monday or Tuesday. Me likey blogger's future post feature. I am sitting here on this way too cold for a Friday night in mid June, sitting on the couch under a fleece blanket, watching Big Love and surfing the net. Aaron is over at his brother's house and it's 9:30pm... I should be in bed, we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

Nolan was in meltdown city this evening. He is on the downward slope of a cold, and Fridays are usually 50/50 ... with it being the end of the week, the kids are usually pretty tired and done. He was beyond done.

Tommorrow we are going to get up bright and early (much to Aaron's chagrin, lol) and go to the superwalmart and costco. When we get back, the kids will go down for an early nap, and then it's up to Bothell for a birthday party! I might sneak out to the farmer's market while the kids are sleeping... or we may just skip walmart and do the farmer's market, and I'll go to walmart when they nap. decisions, decisions.

Sunday is of course, Father's day, and I am totally excited to give Aaron his present. He asked for cash, but I had a better idea, I hope he likes it! We'll go to a bbq at my aunt's house after naptime and see my dad and his side of the family.

I'm tired just thinking about everything we still have to do this weekend--- laundry, outings, cleaning. UGH.

here are some pictures from our afternoon with some friends in Shoreline. We met through my mom's board, and their son Adam was Nolan's first friend! (Other than his betrothed miss Julia)

Seth thought Adam's vacuum was PRETTY DANG COOL... in fact, I have a feeling he might get one for his birthday in September.

James is a multi-tasker!

Seth was getting at them with the vacuum cleaner


No-win ware da boot! He was totally infatuated with Adam's Rain boots

Sweet baby Josh

three little monkeys waiting for dinner


he shoots... he scores!
He shoots! He scores!

playing one-on-one

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