Thursday, June 12, 2008

Update of sorts

I am sick. ugh, I HATE BEING SICK! The kids have had nasty colds, and Aaron and I are coming down with them now. It's pretty awesome.

So combine the exhaustion with fighting off this cold, plus the exhaustion from learning SO FREAKIN' MUCH at work... and add in a sprinkling of stress because I am petrified that I'm going to screw up and some sex offender is going to go free... and well, I've been tired.

I've never had a job that was so busy that I had no time to do anything ... whether it be to take a personal call or two, or to balance my checkbook. If it weren't for mandatory breaks,I probably wouldn't leave my desk at all. It's kind of nice, the days certainly fly by, and it's nice to always have something to do. I get a real sense of accomplishment when I start the day and whittle down my list of stuff to do bit by bit.

So, if posts seem less wordy amd more picture-y it's because my time is seriously limited. Anyhoo...

Here are some pics from my girlfriend's little girl's birthday. Serenity turned 1 year old in May.

Birthday baby



It was ridiculously hot that day, up into the nineties... sethy was not handling it well.

Sweet baby Jason (Misty's little guy)


pizza pizza

Misty, an old pal... gosh I've known her since I was 17! Misty is the best person to go to for recommendations... she recommended the daycare, the beach we now love and has recommended several products I love.

Heather - Misty's little girl, she's a year older than Nolan.

Birthday girl eating her cake

My best friend (besides my sissy) Holly

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