Friday, June 20, 2008


I am stressed, so I will vent here and be done with it, and hopefully feel better. It's highly likely I'm just in a mood and this will pass, but I have been feeling uneasy and stressed about this stuff for about a week or two now, and I need to be able to not worry about it.

1. My blood pressure. I'm 31. Not 51. Not 61. and Not 71. But I have high blood pressure. This eeks me out because of the boys... because of my unparalelled fear of death/hospitals/dying/pain... you name it. I am on a medication to deal with it, but for God's sake 31!!!!! Though, I took it the other night on a whim and it was the lowest it's been in ages, so that's good. It was 124/84.

2. I went to a health screening here at work recently. It was awesome. Or not. The good news is that I lied about my weight and she didn't push it. (Smart lady). I also sucked in my gut a bit when she measured my waist (or lack thereof) for my bmi... she didn't notice. The bad news is that total cholesterol is higher than they like to see. Ideal is 160 or less. Desirable is 160-200 and borderline is 200-239. High risk is 240 and up. Mine was 208. (Yes it was a fasting test btw).

3. My HDL was 50... Ideal levels for that are 60 and higher, and desirable is 50-60 and borderline is 25-50. High risk is 25 or less. My LDL was 143. Ideal is 100 or less. Desirable is 100-130, borderline is 130-159 and high risk is 160 and higher. My triglicerides were 73... ideal is 150 or less.

4. So basically, I'm borderline on everything but triglycerides... and my glucose was normal, 91 with fasting. As for the BMI... I'm not even going there. I don't know how much stock I put in that number anyway... I'm working on losing weight and that's all I can do. (the diet has gone very well this week btw).

and last, but never least...

5. Money. It all boils down to money. I know Aaron's stressed, I am stressed... we are doing ok, it's just that we are trying to move up instead of aimlessly float or tread water. Our legs are getting tired and it would be nice to have a break.

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