Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ooh la la

We FINALLY got our stimulus check on Monday, I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to show up. I was stressing big time because we’ve been playing catch up from the time I started working full time, as we had to pay full time daycare before I got a full time paycheck and juggling has ensued, therefore making us a little too dependent on credit cards. So, our stimulus check isn’t really going to stimulate the economy, but it will give me peace of mind and a lot of breathing room.

It also paid for our car insurance and gave Aaron 20 bucks, so you know… all in all a good thing 

Life is super busy right now, I started my new gig on Monday and have been SWAMPED. So if there are a lot of photo entries it’s because my mind has turned to mush and I can’t get a coherent thought out on the screen… so much to learn… sooooo much. But it’s good.

Brothers at a birthday party
we were at a birthday party, the boys matched :)


love this one

Nolan was crying...

smirky smirkerson
smirky smirkerson

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