Friday, May 16, 2008

Yippity Skippity

Oh yeah, I have a blog... sorry for the non-updates. Life has been hectic as usual. I've caught the crud that's going around and feel like crap. Just in time for the beautiful weather this weekend! Yay!

So updates... bullet point style.

The Good:

* I got the job!!!! Woot! starting June 1, I will be a full-time PERMANENT employee here, and it is a definite promotion, and in one year I will be promoted again. Woohoo! I am beyond excited :)

* New Kids on the Block are back! They are performing on the Today show this morning (you know my dvr is all set to record, right?) and they released a new single this week, which I have played on my ipod no less than 30 times. I lurve it. And OMG! they are coming to Seattle in November!!!! You know I'm going to be there right? With bells on mother effers!

* I am down 2lbs for the week, which is a damn miracle considering that we had a babyshower here at work a few days ago, and I um... indulged. That makes a total loss of 6lbs... which at this point isn't going to win me any big bucks from the competition I joined, but hey... personally, I need to see a loss.

* It's going to be 80ish or more degrees here today. Yay! I am wearing capri's and sandals and feel very summery.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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