Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So the boys got tubes put in their ears this morning. They did remarkably well considering that they couldn't have food or drink after midnight. I first worried that Nolan would wake up crying for water, they have sippies in their bed at night in case they get thirsty. He never did, and though I usually get them up and ready for daycare equipped with sippies of milk and toasted cinnamon toast waffles, I went in there w/o them today, and Seth was the only one who really cried. Nolan did cry a little bit on the way to the surgery center, so we gave him his binky... we told him it was a special day, and that's why he got to have it.

Once we were there, they were fine. They each got a dose of Versed before surgery... it's a medicine that helps you relax and basically wipes out your memory. Seth was loopy and had no balance, but Nolan was absolutely out of it. He wasn't able to stand on his own, was giggling at the carpet and kept sliding off of Aaron's lap. It was a hoot.

After the surgery, Seth woke up ANGRY. Nolan took longer to wake up, but didn't fuss as long. We stopped at Albertson's on the way home and I got muffins and milk and cookies, and they perked up considerably. After their naps this afternoon they were in great moods and officially back to normal. Thank goodness.

Though they didn't dig the cotton balls shoved in their ears. When we go for the follow up appointment in a week or so, they will hook us up with actual ear plugs.

Here are some pics from a few weeks ago when we went outside to play before dinner

He is in the middle of telling me "nooooooooo"

going outside with daddy

He loved playing with that ball

I see london... I see France
I see London, I see France...


Downward facing Seth
Downward facing Seth

That lovey got filthy that day

action shot

Hampum boy!

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