Saturday, May 24, 2008

Quiet Time

So, a few weeks ago, I gave Nolan the option of having 'quiet time' when he was having a hard time keeping himself in check and was super emotional. What I mean by quiet time, is that he can go sit in his crib, look at books and/or play with a few cars and have his binky. Binky is ONLY available at bedtime or naptime usually, but I figured, since he's in his bed, it's ok.

He asks for quiet time several times a day now. Aaron says that he will often ask to go have quiet time when they get home from daycare. He'll spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour in there. He has yet to fall asleep, but plays quietly, and we have begun placing his step stool next to his crib, and lowering the rail so he can climb in and out by himself.

I sometimes worry that he's in there too much, spending too much time by himself. But then, Aaron and I were talking and sometimes we just like to be alone, and since he has to share pretty much everything with his brother, maybe he likes that that is the one place he can go where Seth can't. I don't know... maybe he just likes it because he knows he can have his binky. It has helped with some of the chaos, and his behavior... if he's occupied in his crib with his toys, he isn't being overly aggressive with his brother or throwing handfuls of catfood down the hallway or in the water dish.

I like that it's not a negative thing... I don't want to associate his bed with punishment, and he seems to truly like his time in there. I am kind of proud that I thought of it, and am happy that it seems to be helping.


Look at me!

A push from dada

So happy to be on his bike

He did NOT want me to

He did NOT want me to

mad because I took away his william

squinty redcheeks

squinty redcheeks

He kept losing that shoe

Move brudda move

Funner to push than ride

Traffic Jam?

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