Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pink eye, stink eye

Have I mentioned in the past that I MOTHERFUCKING hate being ignored? Well I do. I also don't like wasting my time. Which, is how I feel right now, and to top it off I am sick sick sick as a dog.

I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection... and while I think it might be getting better (been on the meds since WEDNESDAY...gah.) I am also getting an ear infection. My throat is killing me and I have motherfucking PINK EYE. Between the red raw nose, the disgusting need to blow my nose every 30 seconds, the loud gnarly cough, the sound of my mouth-breathing due to congestion and now the ugly bloodshot/grody eyes... I am bee-yoo-tiful. Oh and because I've been sick, I haven't been working out and have been indulging so me=feeling heiferish. I need to go to bed and quit whining.

Oh and I turn 31 on Friday. Awesome.


Since I am such a ball of joy this evening, here are some pics...

These are from Easter:

The Easter Bunny's offerings

I'll take this one
if I lick dis one it be mine... kthxbai

opening his candy
nolan unwraps some 'chock-o-lott'

Love, the Easter bunny
the inside of a book that Nolan got

argyle boys

no no seth

playing like a big kid

love the eyebrows

he loved his train from nana and papa

having fun with daddy and seth

mmmm... tractor


Seth and Lucas

Seth playing with Seth.

He's such a big kid now.

who says you have to wear pants to have fun?

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