Thursday, April 24, 2008

Picture post...

Because I'm reading New Moon... the second book of the twilight series. Started it this morning and am almost half way done.




Quality time with daddy

Their last day at daycare, Aaron took this when he picked them up. It cracks me up to see Nolan so happy and Seth losing his mind behind him ... he doesn't find it funny to not be picked up RIGHTTHISVERYMINUTE when daddy gets there.

I haven't posted these yet because they make my heart hurt.

This would be Seth's Teacher Sonja... she was also Nolan's first teacher ever. I can't say enough good things about this lady. She took excellent care of my babies and I loved chatting with her every day. *sigh* I miss her.

and here she is with Nolan.

And this is Sherron, yet again, another wonderful lady who also showed such love to my boys. If you ask Nolan who loves him he says "SHEWWON!" She had such an awesome positive attitude, and I loved chatting with her every day too.

I am sad that we didn't get any pictures of Nolan w/ the other teacher Miss Terrah. She started her day after I dropped the kids off, and for some reason Aaron missed her on this day. Nolan still picks up his Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See books and says "Tewwah's book!"

gah. what is it with toddlers... I am so sad that we couldn't get good shots ... the kids were totally uncooperative.

Nolan and Aidan with Miss Sherron

Nolan and Aidan giving each other a high five

bye buddy.

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