Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last day at 30

I turn 31 tommorrow... and oddly enough, I am having conflicting emotions. Part of me feels anxious because... dude, 31. My cap for having kids is 35... that means if we decide to have another I got about 4 years to do it in... But before we can have one more we need to move to a house, make about $1000 more per month (ha!) and have both boys toilet trained, because damn... two in diapers sucks ass.

But I also feel giddy because it's my birfday. I am celebrating it by getting a Venti Mocha Frappucino and a high calorie treat of some sort for breakfast. I won't be getting much from Aaron and the boys because I spent my birthday allowance already on some workout dvds and a fleece jacket. He had all of 20ish bucks left to spend on me, so we'll see what he came up with; though I really only gave him one idea, so I have a vague idea of what it is.

I received some cards in the mail from some very special people... in fact, I owe them a phone call... Aaron's Aunt and Uncle and his Grandma... and to be completely honest, the cards brought tears to my eyes. The cards were for a niece and a granddaughter and it touched me that they think of me in that way. I mean, I knew they did, but because I don't have a Grandma on either of my parent's side anymore... it really touched my heart to get a card addressed to a Granddaughter. :) It's things like that that really mean a lot. Thank you guys, we will give you a call this weekend. :)

It would seem we are all on the mend finally. The tell tale signs of the tummy bug are still lagging around, but I am really REALLY hoping those are gone and soon. The new schedule now dictates that my alarm goes off at 4:25, I hop in the shower, and then Aaron's goes off at 4:30... he usually hits snooze or just lies there for a few minutes and when I get out of the shower, he gets the bathroom for a few minutes to get ready. I blowdry my hair in the bedroom and usually do a bit of laundry or whatever while I wait for him to vacate the bathroom. When he comes out (usually around 5am) he gets breakfast and sits down to surf the net and eat. I then go into the bathroom and get dressed and ready and get my stuff together. At 5:30 I toast the boys' waffles and get their milk and then go in and wake them up. The goal is to be out the door by 6am... ideally, be in the car and leaving the parking lot at 6am. We get to daycare around 6:15. I take the boys in, say my goodbyes, and pry a hysterical Seth off my leg and then get back in the car and head to the train station ... I arrive there ( on a good day) by 6:45. The train comes at 6:55 and Off I go to work.

The fly in the ointment in this plan is A. Nolan is not a morning person when he hasn't had the time to wake up and sort of 'adjust' to the idea of being awake. This doesn't matter if it is 5:30 am or 7:30 am... or even 10 am if he's not ready. And I CANNOT FREAKIN' STAND IT WHEN A CHILD WON'T STOP WHINING/CRYING/FUSSING for long periods of time. Drives me up the wall. Yesterday was one such day... we didn't leave the parking lot until 6:15, and I hit every damn light on the way to daycare and the way back. I pulled into the parking lot very late and heard the train's horn/whistle/whatever as I got out of the car. I started running... had to run up 4 flights of stairs, as I'm doing so, my damn pants are FALLING DOWN. I am carrying a jacket, and my purse and some other stuff, trying to pull my britches up over my ass crack, and booking like the wind across the sky bridge to get to the other side of the train track. And the whole time my pants were inching their way down, as I ran past a few people who were in 'mosey' mode, I yanked up my pants and prayed that they didn't see anything. Awesome. The train pulled in as I got to the other side, and I ran down 4 flights of stairs and just barely made it before the doors closed. Luckily I found a seat pretty quick, and spent the ride into Seattle panting with my lungs burning and my hair sticking to my sweaty forehead. It's an awesome way to begin the day.

Here are some pics from Lori's birthday last weekend... did you know we are 3 years and 360 days apart? She turned 27... that makes me feel old.

ok, he's mad now

Lori trying on Ashley's glasses

Seth gets kisses from Auntie Ashley

Auntie Lori and Nolan and Seth
Auntie Lori with her nephews... would've been nice if they'd actually looked UP.

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